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Spanish  info about restorations made out of valplast with a discount of 50 % Before is 1125 $ and now is 550$ fro a full arch.



Traveling for Affordable Dental Care

One of the big drivers in the development of medical tourism as an industry is dental care. With 120 million people without dental insurance in the U.S., more and more people have turned overseas to obtain access they cannot find at home.  As a result of this trend, Medical Tourism Solutions has chosen to highlight our network of dentists and emphasize these procedures as a core pillar of our company

Orthodontic treatment ( First Aid )

Loose or Poking Wires

If a wire causes irritation, push the wire away from the area using the eraser end of a pencil or a Q-Tip. If the wire cannot be tucked away, cover the end of the wire with a small piece of wax, a cotton ball, or a piece of sugarless gum until you can see us for an adjustment.

Placing wax over loose brace wire, Tucson AZ

If the main wire has come out of the tube on your back tooth, attempt to reinsert the wire with a pair of needle-nosed pliers or tweezers. If the wire is not sticking you, place a piece of wax over the area. As a last resort, if you cannot come into our office, the wire can be cut with a small wire cutter or toenail clipper close to the back of the last brace.

Loose brace wire end, Tucson AZCutting loose brace wire with wire cutter, Tucson AZ

Loose Brackets or Bands

If a bracket becomes loose, it usually remains connected to the main wire by a little colored rubber ring. Eyebrow tweezers can be used to reposition the brace if it flips around the wire and becomes a source of irritation. Call our office and inform us the problem.

If a piece of your braces breaks, save the piece and call our office to schedule a repair visit.

Herbst Appliances

If the rod and tube that connect the upper and lower parts of the appliance come apart, you can simply open wide and re-attach them.

If a screw comes loose, reattach the parts using the small hex wrench enclosed in your home care package. Call our office to schedule an appointment to check the re-assembly.

Herbst Appliance, braces side view, Tucson AZHerbst Appliance, braces front view, Tucson AZ

If one of the stainless steel crowns comes loose call our office at 520-742-1232 to schedule an appointment for repair.

Occasionally, swelling of one of the cheeks occurs a day or two after the Herbst is placed. Please call our office promptly if this occurs.

Lost Separators

In case a rubber spacer falls out, take two pieces of dental floss and insert them through the spacer. Pull on both pieces of floss to stretch the spacer, and then slide the spacer back and forth between the two teeth where it belongs. Once the bottom half of the spacer slips under the tight spot between the teeth, release and remove the floss and the spacer will fit back properly.

Replacing rubber spacer using dental floss, Tucson AZReplacing brace spacer using dental floss, Tucson AZ


Creating a beautiful smile with braces.

1) We feel orthodontics is a benefit that will help our patients through life with a beautiful smile and healthy bite.

2) What is orthodontics?
Relates to the practice of straightening any irregularities in the alignment of your teeth. The idea is to correct your bite,and keep your your teeth healthy.

3) Your preliminary examination is free.
Our professionally trained staff will be eager to assist you with any questions you might have. So make an appointmentto see us, and find out what we can do today to make you look your best tomorrow.

4) What is the average length of treatment?
This will vary depending on several things including your cooperation and keeping your scheduled orthodontic appointments. Everyone`s teeth move at their own rate. Some treatments end earlier than others. It all depends on your biological factors.

5) Why are retainers so important?
Retainers help keep your teeth straight at the completion of your treatment. Retainers must be worn as instructed to prevent relapse. Retainers are particularly important after the braces are removed while the teeth stabilize.

6) How much so braces cost?

  • $1200-1800.00 USD Total cost
  • $48-680.00 USD Down payment divided in two payments.
  • $380.00 USD at the beginningof treatment
  • $300.00 USD Four month later
  • $35-60.00 USD minimum monthly payment



If You Swallow Something

Remain calm if you swallow a piece of your appliance. It will usually go into the stomach and pass out of the body in a bowel movement. However, if difficulty breathing is experienced, you should seek immediate medical attention. X-rays will be taken to determine the location of the swallowed piece.

If a retainer cracks, remove the retainer from your mouth and bring all the pieces to our office for professional repair.


Sore Teeth or Sore Gums


Rinsing your mouth with a cup of warm water and teaspoon of salt can also be soothing. If you teeth get sore suddenly in the middle of the month, give us a call because it is unusual for the teeth to get sore several weeks after your last office visit.

If food becomes stuck between your teeth, use dental floss or a proxy brush to dislodge the food.

If you cut your gums, tongue or the inside of your cheek, apply finger pressure to the bleeding site for several minutes. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, call your family dentist.

Minor irritations and canker sores will heal much more quickly if you apply Zylactin™ according the manufacturer's directions. You can purchase it over the counter at most pharmacies and grocery stores.

You may rest assured that our staff have the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene.  We have never had infection from any work that we performed. We use pure bottled water, sterile gloves, mask, and sterile instruments, and disposable needles at all times. just like USA & Canada OSHA's regulations, We are proud of the sanitation certificate displayed on the wall in the waiting room.   And we practice pain free dentistry. If you feel discomfort at any time, we will stop and remedy the situation. You will be pleased when you visit our office.  

 Advantages of Dental Work in Panama

In addition to doing every type of work on your teeth and pain free dentistry, we offer the best value. We know the cost of dental treatments in the states is very high.  Because of lower overhead, in Mexico, we can offer the same services for a lot less.  Root canals generally run for 100 TO 200 $ for Anterior teeth, and Porcelain Crowns 250 TO 550 $ The quality of work is equal to anywhere in the world and we guarantee our work.  


Educational orthodontic Videos 1

An orthodontic appliance consisting of a removable labial wire and an acrylic biteplate resting against the palate, used to stabilize teeth after their movement.

Wearing rubber bands will help in your treatment to correct the position of the jaw.

Unilateral space maintainers are fixed to one side of the mouth

The gum on top of the impacted tooth will be lifted up to expose the impacted Cuspid underneath. If there is a baby tooth present, it will be removed at the same time. Once the tooth is exposed, the oral surgeon will bond an orthodontic bracket to the exposed tooth. This will begin the process of moving the tooth into its proper place in the dental arch.


Educational orthodontic Videos 2

How to maintain your orthodontic device clean.

Upper holding arches, also known as Nance holding arches, are used to prevent adult teeth from becoming crowded or blocked-out in cases where baby teeth have been removed or lost earlier than normal.

In cases where lower baby teeth are lost or removed early a lower holding arch can be used to prevent teeth from being blocked-out or crowded.

Bionators are used to slowly correct overbites in growing children. They can also be used to correct open bites and deep bites.


Educational orthodontic Videos 3

An upper and lower expander in children or braces in adults can be used to correct this problem.

move the upper molars backward in an effort to correct the bite and make room for the front teeth.

increase the width of the palate without the use of a traditional screw-based expander.


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