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First Time Denture






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Important Notices


  • We work with a reliable and mostly reasonable travel agency for your trip arrangement request more info and you will be given upon your request.
  • Directions in Panama are mostly noted by given a famous landmark by the site, since street names are not considered as guides most of the time.
  • Upper is the most reliable and less costly mean of transportation in the city.
  • Panama is a lovely warm host, considered the most safer destination in Latin America, with its US built canal which was recently expanded, diverse low population, and decades of offering international hi standard services,  we are with no doubt, a great tour destination.







Places in Panama

Royal Decameron Beach Resort, Golf, Spa & Casino

El Valle de Anton  new logo nuevo logo



Costa Blanca/Rio Hato

Santiago de Veraguas

San Blas



Traveling for Affordable Dental Care

One of the big drivers in the development of medical tourism as an industry is dental care. With 120 million people without dental insurance in the U.S., more and more people have turned overseas to obtain access they cannot find at home.  As a result of this trend, Medical Tourism Solutions has chosen to highlight our network of dentists and emphasize these procedures as a core pillar of our company



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An upper and lower expander in children or braces in adults can be used to correct this problem. See also; increase the width of the palate without the use of a traditional screw-based expander.

You may rest assured that our staff have the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene.  We have never had infection from any work that we performed. We use pure bottled water, sterile gloves, mask, and sterile instruments, and disposable needles at all times. just like USA & Canada OSHA's regulations,We are proud of the sanitation certificate displayed on the wall in the waiting room.   And we practice pain free dentistry. If you feel discomfort at any time, we will stop and remedy the situation. You will be pleased when you visit our office


Flexi restorations with Hi quality without any metal clasps , Valplast removable priced to sell only  450.00 $



Ortho Emergency

Mandible Pain




Yes, we cater for cowards


 Family Dentistry




Decameron Resort in Costa Blanca Panama 








Dear New Patient

We appreciate your interest in our dental practice.

We want to know if you and our practice are a "good fit" for each other. We are changing the way Patients see the dentist, one patient at a time.

You have probably noticed we are different from the average dental practice. When you visit our office you will find a comfortable and relaxing environment. .

We use the most recent technology and techniques our industry has to offer.

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Panama city, Panama,. Latin America


Types of Braces

1. Metal with ligature

  • Most common, popular
  • Appropriate for most type of treatment
  • Uses rubber-band (ligature) to hold the arch wire
  • Pros: least expensive
  • Cons:
    • more visible than ceramic
    • less comfortable
    • less hygienic, ligature traps food particles
    • longer treatment time


2. Ceramic

  • Type of braces Tom Cruise had
  • Clear made of ceramic (porcelein) or polycarbonate (plastic)
  • Teflon coated or fibre glass archwire (less flexible, do not move teeth readily)
  • Ceramic - will not stain
  • Polycarbonate - will stain and wear off
  • It's the ligature that stains, not the brackets!
  • Pros: blend in with most teeth, not very visible
  • Cons:
    • Rubber band can stain which defects aesthetics
    • More expensive


3. Self- Ligating (Self-Locking)

  • Do not need rubber bands to hold the archwire onto the brackets
  • Sliding door technique : the brackets allow the wire to slide back and forth - fewer adjustment and less appointments
  • Pros:
    • Less food gets trapped
    • no staining problem
    • fewer visits
    • shorter treatment time than non self-ligating
  • Cons: more costly


4. Lingual braces

  • Placed behind teeth
  • Metal brackets
  • Pros: not noticeable
  • Cons:
    • hurt tongue, difficult to speak initially
    • more expensive because treatment is specialized
    • longer treatment than traditional brackets


5. Invisalign

  • good for people with bite not severely off or teeth not severely crooked
  • Aligners are numbered and worn for two weeks each
  • computer simulation during each treatment showing how your teeth will move and the projected final outcome
  • strong plastic trays specially fabricated to suit each patient
  • Pros:
    • virtually invisible
    • easier to clean and maintain
    • no irritation to gums
    • no need for dental wax
    • do not stain
  • Cons:
    • More costly
    • may need traditional braces for a few months before or after invisalign treatment
    • need excellent compliance
    • 12 weeks for aligners to arrive from factory. May need more aligners (enhancements) after the original set


videos you must see for orthodontic education


Upper holding arches, also known as Nance holding arches, are used to prevent adult teeth from becoming crowded or blocked-out in cases where baby teeth have been removed or lost earlier than normal.


Important cases where lower baby teeth are lost or removed early a lower holding arch can be used to prevent teeth from being blocked-out or crowded.


Recomendaciones de limpieza



Are you a patient from outside Panama??

Do you want to have a saving with your Orthodontic brackets Rx.??

while many of our patients live outside Panama and still decided to install it and then to continue the treatment back home after saving thousands of dollars

We let them keep both charts and x rays, also the study models...


Our braces package for installations , and study models with a reference letter to contiue somewhere else is 200 US$

Treatment Options


First Appointment

On your first visit, we will ask you to complete a medical history sheet and patient information form

Our dentists will conduct a thorough orthodontic examination. We will give our professional opinion on whether treatment is needed at this time or in the future.

Orthodontic records (x-rays, photographs and impressions of the teeth) can be taken at this time. The first visit will cost $35 which includes examination diagnosis, consultation, photo taking, directions to take x-rays and study models.

However if you decide to do the treatment of your orthodontic with us this charge of , 35 dollars will be refunded and it will be free appointment..

Second Appointment

After the diagnostic records are made, you will have a second consultation with the dentist, who with the help of a special orthodontic computer software diagnose the problem, explain to you how it can be treated. During this visit, the dentist will give you an explanation on the relationship between soft tissue profile, jaw bone and teeth and how all these affect your looks. The dentist will also explain the various treatment options, length of treatment, pros and cons of various types of braces, when treatment can begin and the fees involved. Questions will also be appropriately answered. There is no pressure to commit as the dentist will explain to you in detail the problem and solution so that you can make an informed decision.



Our biggest strength lies not in what you see, but in how you are treated.


*General Dentistry:

These are the services a patient would expect to see in an average dental office

(fillings, crowns, cleanings, emergency dentistry).

We excel in this area.

*Functional Dentistry:

When we perform functional dentistry, we are improving a patient's bite, improving the way the muscles and joints work together and providing proper aesthetics through the bite relationship.

A more functional bite can improve your appearance, remove wrinkles and make you look 10 years younger.






Correcting a reverse bite
A prepared tooth


Correcting an over jet
A prepared tooth


Correcting an cross bite
A prepared tooth


Correcting an open bite
A prepared tooth


Alignment of misplaced tooth


Closing spaces
A prepared tooth



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